Private leasing

Carefree and economical driving

Not only is private leasing at A-Point very beneficial for your wallet. It also brings you peace of mind. We take care of the maintenance and road tax. You are also comprehensively insured. We provide you with a vehicle for a fixed monthly amount. This way you always know where you stand. We have two types of leases: A-Point Private Flexlease and A-Point Private Lease. Read more about the types of leases and select the one that suits you best.

What is A-Point Private Lease?

Fully equipped with all comforts

Our Private Lease relieves you from all stress. No more worrying about deductions, additions, insurance, servicing, road tax and maintenance. You even have 14 days to change your mind. We want to make sure you can enjoy your leased vehicle without any worries. This type of lease also includes the Private Lease Quality Mark. This quality mark has been developed in collaboration with the Consumer Association and guarantees quality and transparency.

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Why choose A-Point Private Lease?

  • Fully equipped car
  • No additional tax liability
  • Maintenance included
  • All risk insurance included
  • Road tax included
  • Simply fill up the tank and drive

What is A-Point Private Flexlease?

Leasing without a permanent appointment

Do you have a temporary employment contact? No problem, with us you can simply lease a car. Our Private Flexlease is ideal for anyone who does not have a permanent position, but still wants to experience the benefits of private leasing. This type of lease has a short time period and can be terminated on a monthly basis.

A-Point Privé Flexlease offers mostly the same benefits as our Private Lease. It includes maintenance, road tax and comprehensive insurance. Flexible, but with peace of mind.

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Why choose A-Point Private FlexLease?

  • Fully equipped car
  • Temporary employment contracts eligible
  • Short lease period
  • Can be cancelled monthly
  • All risk insurance included
  • Maintenance included
  • Road tax included